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Our Social Security Tax calculator Pro can show your clients how they can reduce or eliminate the Tax on Social Security Benefits and realize a potential increase in net spendable income by using Tax Advantaged accounts such as (Annuities, Single Premium Life, Modified Endowment Contracts & Roth IRA's).


Social Security Tax Calculator Pro ($50 Annual Subsciption)

The Social Security Tax Calculator Pro helps you determine if a tax savings and a potential increase in net spendable income can be realized by reducing or eliminating the Taxable portion of Social Security Benefits.  This is illustrated by comparing how a clients income is structured currently v.s. restructuring retirement income or taxable assets into tax deferred account such as Annuities or SPWL.

Social Security Tax Calculator Pro & Website Lead Generator ($100 Annual Subsciption)

With this great Combo.  You get the Social Security Tax Calculator Pro and a Website Lead Generator.  The Website Lead Generator is a simpler version of the Social Security Tax Calculator that allow clients to see if their Social Security is Taxable.  It is identical to our calculator page but it is placed on your website and emails the Lead directly to you.



Example Calculation:

Ted, Is a retired 64 year old gentlemen. He collects $12,000 a year from his pension, $18,500 from Social Security and takes an IRA distribution of $3500 each year. Ted also has an Emergency Fund of $162,500 in a CD earning $6500 annually or about 4% interest that is accumulating for a rainy day. The example calculation below compares Teds current scenario VS a deferred scenario to show the Tax savings Ted could realize by simply moving the CD to a Tax Deferred Annuity.


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